Connected Realities 1   
A collaboration with Giorgi Gedevanidze, Faidon Gialis
Raspberry Pi and Camera on VR Glasses
"Connected Realities" is a collaborative project with three artists, gathered with the interest of experimenting the connection between the perspective and perception and the interaction with the space and the physical body.
The exchange of the perspective leads to the division of the perception and the body. Since the view doesn’t correspond with the physical movement, the whole perception gets disturbed and irritated. The irritation of perception cause the difficulty of communication.
The project is experimented by developing a headset-device, which allows to exchange the perspective. Three participants wear a VR-Headset device, which allows them to see the perception of the other. A mounted camera captures the perspective live and broadcasts it to the next VR-Headset. It makes possible that the participant A has the sight from B, B has the sight from C, C has the sight from A.
At the exhibition COIN (Acht Brücken Festival, Cologne, 04.2019), an interactive installation is constructed by using boxes. The goal of the game is to build a tower together, using the spread coloured boxes in the room.
The headset leads the public into irritation and confusing disorientation. While wearing the headset and playing a game, it puts them not only in a playful situation, but also derives the participants to communicate. With some rules and simple instructions, it enables them to participate in a social term, cooperate with each other, reaching a goal together.
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