Connected Realities 2 
A collaboration with Giorgi Gedevanidze, Faidon Gialis
Raspberry Pi and Camera on VR Glasses, Speaker and Microphone

"Connected Realities" is a collaborative project with three artists, gathered with the interest of experimenting the connection between the perspective and perception and the interaction with the space and the physical body.
The exchange of the perspective leads to the division of the perception and the body. Since the view doesn’t correspond with the physical movement, the whole perception gets disturbed and irritated. The irritation of perception cause the difficulty of communication.
The project is experimented by developing a headset-device, which allows to exchange the perspective. Three participants wear a VR-Headset device, which allows them to see the perception of the other. A mounted camera captures the perspective live and broadcasts it to the next VR-Headset. It makes possible that the participant A has the sight from B, B has the sight from C, C has the sight from A.
The performance follows the path of absurdity, it's an experimental way thought common situations that reveal an aspect of uncommon. Using mostly unrehearsed situations, semi-formal experimentation and objects that create a bounding between the everyday physicality of the performers body, such as the headset , we maximize the appearance of these common situations; once creating caricaturistic and once creating cautious moments. The performers find themselves alienated and meaningless in
the comfortable certainties of familiar tasks. The performance takes the role of pathfinding the nonsensical in digital era.
A dinner performance is shown, while wearing
the headsets. With A speaker and a microphone, attached on the hands, feedback sound is generated, according to the interaction between the performers.
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