I could speak once under two moons
Single channel video 

From a multispecies perspective, “I could once speak under two moons” grasps the origin of human centric perception. It starts from looking into an ancient creation mythology “Cheonji-wang bon-puri / 천지왕본풀이”  from Jeju- Island (S.Korea), which depicts the creation of the cosmos, as a collision of two contra elements (earth/sky). Based on the creation myth, this project re- narrates the mythology from the perspective of soldiers and moths.
The single channel video involves 3D animation, recorded game scenes, filmed materials, and found footage. The narrative is tangled up with a story of two moths; the scientific explanation, why the moths fly around the light; a story of a soldier, who tried to avoid the mandatory military service due to his pacifistic reason; the original Jeju mythology.
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